Afbeelding voor Staying connected, online

Staying connected, online

These uncertain times ask for staying connected and reaching out in the Parkinsons’ community. People living with Parkinsons’ disease need us, now more than ever.

That is why the global ParkinsonNet teams try to stay connected as well. The possibilities are endless online, by reaching out through email or a videocall. But we also organized our annual skills web online at the end of last year. We shared knowledge, experiences and information, gave each other updates on the situation on all of our sides of the world and we listened to great speakers and their presentations.

We look forward to seeing each other again in real life soon. But in the meantime we try our best to keep finding and helping one another, online.

One of the big challenges for the Dutch ParkinsonNet this year, was to keep the level of education high and to make sure we would be able to welcome new, highly trained, professionals into the networks. How did we do that?

Take a look at our basecourse after movie.