Afbeelding voor Skills Web 2022 – a recap

Skills Web 2022 – a recap

Not one, but two Skills Web meetings this year! Last Thursday was the second, and last, one of 2022. Time to look back on both interactive, online meet ups.
For the ParkinsonNet International coordination team in the Netherlands, it is always such a special occasion. A moment of connecting, sharing and learning with and from each other. On Parkinson’s disease specific topics, but also network care related.

Upgrading your network
We kicked off the Skills Web this year in February. Establishing a network is one thing, but maintaining and upgrading your network is something else. So that is exactly what we talked and exchanged experiences on during this first event. It was inspiring to see how Czech Republic is setting up their own network with little recources. But also hearing the high lights from other countries and partners was a high light itself. During break out sessions we spoke about topics like involving new disciplines and enhancing the unique contribution of occupational therapy in the multidisciplinary team. And at the end of the morning, we learned about patient involvement and dove a little deeper into Parkinson’s disease and pesticides with a presentation of dr. Bas Bloem.

The advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease
October was all about the more advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease and (network) care for people with Parkinson’s disease during that stage. Our colleagues from the Netherlands, Selma de Wit and Danny Hommel gave us a short look into the nursing homes and it’s care (and challenges) for people with Parkinson’s disease. After that, Herma Lennaerts presented the world of palliative care and some results from her research on this topic to us. And also this time, during the break out room sessions all the participants were able to share their experiences on the more advanced stages with each other and ask questions to learn from one another.

Being a part of ParkinsonNet, means being part of an international network of driven professionals and experts on care for people with Pakrinson’s and their caregivers. It is so meaningful to be able to have these moments together. Looking forward to next year!

Also want to be a part of this informative Skills Web and inspiring international network? Don’t hesitate to contact us!