Afbeelding voor ParkinsonNet entry level course goes international!

ParkinsonNet entry level course goes international!

ParkinsonNet International gave two entry level courses last month. Bas Bloem, Bart van de Warrenburg, Hanneke Kalf, Ingrid Sturkenboom, Maarten Nijkrake and Mark Tiemessen visited  Norway and the Unites States of America.

The team trained occupational therapists and physiotherapists in Stavanger, Norway. The entry level course is part of the project to implement ParkinsonNet in two regions in Norway. The evaluation shows that participants were very enthusiastic about the course and that they really wanted to be part of the Stavanger-ParkinsonNet to improve care for people with Parkinson’s disease. At the end of January 2018 the course will be givin in Oslo, wich will be the second ParkinsonNet region in Norway. We are glad that some speech and language therapist (SLT) will join in this second session, as SLT’s seem less involved with care for people with Parkinson’s in Norway. Something we would really like to change!

In the beginning of November we gave the same course in Rochester (New York state) in cooperation with dr. Ray Dorsey (University of Rochester Medical Center). We already knew Ray and his team from having worked with him before. Most recently for producing six English episodes of ParkinsonTV. Most therapists participating in the course were quite experienced in treating persons with Parkinson’s disease already. It was nice to be able to expand¬† their expertise and share experiences and ideas. We trust that the training will improve both the monodisciplinary care and the multidisciplinary collaboration in the care for people with Parkinson’s in Rochester.