Afbeelding voor Physiotherapy (ENG, GER, POR, FIN, CZE)

Physiotherapy (ENG, GER, POR, FIN, CZE)

Professional associations from 19 European countries have joined their forces to develop this Guideline. It is an example of the standing of phsiotherapy  profession in this clinical area of neurological practice.

In this Guideline, you will find currently available evidence-informed material to answer questions that you might have. This includes evidence from good clinical research, expert opinion from physiotherapists across Europe, and preferences of people with Parkinon’s disease to treatment en management options. To optimise the use of this Guideline, it is short, simple and written in a manner that assists clinical decision-making towards patient-centered care and that helps establish good communication between those involved in the management of the condition.

Versão em Português da Diretriz Europeia de Fisioterapia para a Doença de Parkinson
Evropské doporučené postupy pro fyzioterapeutickou léčbu Parkinsonovy nemoci

For more information about using the guideline please read the FAQ.