Afbeelding voor Occupational therapy (ENG, ITA)

Occupational therapy (ENG, ITA)

This guideline is is an evidence-based guideline for occupational therapy. The aims of this guideline are:

  1. To improve the uniformity and quality of occupational therapy in PwPs and their caregivers
  2. To improve the efficiency of occupational therapy in PwPs and their caregivers. This is achieved, on the one hand, by clarifying the indication for referral to occupational therapy and, on the other, by providing therapists with directions for the content and duration of
    the treatment.
  3. To promote multidisciplinary collaboration by clarifying the role of the occupational therapy in the multidisciplinary team.
  4. To provide direction to research. The guideline clarifies what pieces of evidence are still missing and in which areas research is required.

Guideline for Occupational Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation:


Linee guida per la Terapia Occupazionale nella Riabilitazione della Malattia di Parkinson:

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