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We believe that the best way to optimize care for people with Parkinson’s disease is to implement our proven network based healthcare model. But we are more than happy to discuss all the other possibilities, including training or collaborating in the different products we developed in the Netherlands, with you.

Implementing the ParkinsonNet model is not a standard formula. We like to refer to it as the ‘Starbucks formula’. All over the world, at every Starbucks, your coffee consists of the same basic ingredients but you can tweak the coffee to your liking. The ingredients to our formula is professional training, patient empowerment, clever IT, and a networked approach which need to be fitted to each specific country and it’s own different healthcare system.

Are you interested in implementing network based healthcare for people with Parkinson’s disease?

Not just a model

But ParkinsonNet doesn’t just implement the successful network model around the world. We have also developed products and educational courses and programs that have proven to accomplish our mission of improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s worldwide.

Training, consultancy and coaching

We share our expertise in:

  • improving the quality of care for Parkinson’s (PD providers)
  • improving the ability to self-manage care (people with PD and spouses)
  • learning about working in multidisciplinary teams
  • network based healthcare

through training trainers, healthcare professionals, case studies, analysis, coaching and consultancy. All suit to your situation, needs and possibilities.

International speakers

Our highly professional and skilled experts are excited to share their knowledge through speaking at conferences, summits or trainings.

Skills Lab

We organize a yearly Skills Lab for our global network and partners to share knowledge, information and experiences with each other. That is one of the ways how we stay connected and form a global network.


To provide decision support for everyday clinical practice, we develop evidence-based guidelines for Parkinson’s disease using international standards including AGREE.

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ParkinsonTV is a highly informative online tv program for people living with Parkinon’s disease. It brings high quality information on specific topics straight into the homes of people living with PD.

The original episodes of ParkinsonTV are broadcasted each month in the Netherlands, in Dutch.

In collaboration with the University of Rochester Medical Center, two seasons of ParkinsonTV are now also available in English.

Take a look at the Dutch ParkinsonTV

Take a look at ParkinsonTV USA

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