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Meet the team

The international team of ParkinsonNet implements network based healthcare in countries all over the world and trains healthcare professionals to make them experts in Parkinson’s disease.

Nice to meet you, we would love to collaborate.

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“To organize healthcare for people living with Parkinson disease, in a way I would want to receive healthcare myself. That is my ultimate goal.”

Bas Bloem

Neurologist, founder of ParkinsonNet, board ParkinsonNet
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“To spread insights and knowledge on good speech therapy with the best resources, across every border”

Hanneke Kalf

Speech and language therapist, trainer and expert on Parkinson’s disease
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Hetty Woltjer

Project lead
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“To provide occupational therapists tools to support people with Parkinson’s disease with the right expertise, and as teamplayers, to optimally participate in meaningful activities and roles in everyday life. Worldwide.”

Ingrid Sturkenboom

Occupational therapist, trainer and expert Parkinson’s disease
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“I am a big fan of exercising myself. To be able to help people with Parkinon’s disease in their search of solutions for their challanges in movement is a challenging but also very grateful job for me.”

Maarten Nijkrake

Physiotherapist, trainer and expert on Parkinson’s disease
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“To solve relevant and complex challanges together, that is wat drives me. To accomplish and continue to develop the best Parkinsons’ care is complex indeed. The impact of the disease does make our work more than relevant.”

Mark Tiemessen

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“To have a positive impact on the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease, ParkinsonNet-professionals and the people who passionately work with us every day. That is my drive!”

Marten Munneke

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“My motto is: help people succeed. I focus on improving our services and products so they fit the needs of our healthcare professionals and people living with Parkinson’s the best.”

Mirjam Verkerk

IT support
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”To support start up networks around the globe with their challenges and help organize network based healthcare, as to keep improving the complexe care for people with Parkinson’s. That is what makes my work valuable.”

Sandra Boots

Project lead
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“Making a difference in Parkinson’s care. That motivates me every day to empower everyone who lives or works in the field of Parkinson’s disease with information and the possibilities of our proven network based healthcare model.”

Sanne Bouwman

Director of international partnerships
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”Connecting healthcare professionals and people with Parkinson’s and providing them with the most up-to-date information in an accessible and approachable way online. That is how I contribute to better Parkinson’s care.”

Stef Kaal

Online support